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Thread: sink/vanitiy installations

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    Default sink/vanitiy installations

    I am remodeling a small bathroom. I purchased a 30" long vanity/sink combo from Lowes. When I went to install them, the walls are not square. In fact they are so out of square that when I install the sink so the the back edge lines up with the back wall, the left side of the sink angles out from the wall so far that the front edge has a 3/4" gap.
    Please offer any suggestions on how to account for this and make the installation look good.

    thank you.

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    Don't install the vanity in the corner.

    Or buy a smaller vanity that does not fit to the corner and put a trash can down in that space instead.

    Or find some sort of metal/plastic edging that you can caulk to the top/side of the vanity to hide the caulked gap.

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    Do they make a similar one, but say 32" wide? YOu could scribe it, then cut it to fit. Do they make optional sides for the top? They are usually about 3/4" thick, and glued to the walls and top, would hide the gap. How much does the top overhang the cabinet? You could cut the existing top to match the angle if there's enough overhang, or cut it a little, then add the optional sidesplashes.

    Or, throw the whole thing away, and get something else that would fit or could be made to fit. A remnant granite piece could be cut to fit and would probably cost $4-500, sink extra, with the sink hole prepared for an undermount sink. Much less for a drop-in sink (polishing the edges is what adds quite a bit to the cost, and a drop-in sink doesn't need to be polished there). Your vanity top is small enough so you may have lots of choices on granite cheap. Go direct to the fabricator, not through a store.
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