my moms home has a well that they used back before county water came this far out. my house is
about 2ooft away. i built a pool in 1992 and it developed a leak. i went to the well and primed the myers pump that had no use in 15 yrs. after the 300 ft run to my pool, the preasure was enough to keep my pool full but that was all it could do. i went and got another myers pump thinking that would increase the presure but it did not. i am thinking that the pump must have been a 1/2 hp from the price i paid (between 450 and 500 dollars). anyway the pump was stolen and i had 150 mt water bills all summer. i think the well is 90ft deep and its a jet. can anyone help me find a pump that will give me about 1000 gallons a day. i am unemployed now so i am hoping i won't have to spend the money that i spent on the myers pump. thanks for any help in advance. jim