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Thread: Sprinkler zone not working

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    Default Sprinkler zone not working

    I have a hunter sprinkler system and my zone 4 isn't working. I've put my multimeter on the com wire
    and on my timer wire at the control box and I'm getting 24-25 volts. Then I go to the valves and put the multimeter on the wires at the valve solenoid and I get 24-25 volts, now when I hook all the wires up to the solenoid the volts drop to 0. I don't understand, I get power at the control box, so the wires under
    ground get power at the valves, but when I hook them all up no power. Please somebody help this is
    driving me nuts!!!!!

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    as a test you can switch solenoids with another valve to see if your problem moves to the new valve. that said, in my experiance what youve said tells me that the solenoid is bad and needs to be replaced.

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