Hi, this is my first post here. We just bought a house and it is what you would call a "fixer-upper" for sure.

I went to replace the whole house filter cartridge yesterday. I got the housing off after half an hour of wrestling with it. My problem is I cannot seem to get the old filter out of the housing to replace it with a new one.

This thing hasn't been changed in God knows how long. It was so full of nasty that it was actually severely effecting my house's water pressure. I am afraid to get in there and just man handle it for fear of damaging the housing. There is no bypass for the filter so if I break it, my entire house loses water until I can replace it.

I was just wondering if any of you had any tricks up your sleeves that could help me out. I tried soaking it in hot water, hoping that would loosen up whatever has the death grip on it, to no avail of course.

Thank you in advance for whatever slivers of knowledge you may be able to offer.