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Thread: TOTO Supply Size

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    I went ahead and bought a 1/2" IN x 3/8" OUT oil rubbed bronze angle valve, as well as a 3/8" oil rubbed bronze supply tube (not exactly cheap). Anyhow, I was just looking at some literature and noticed that the inlet size for a Carlye is noted at 1/2". Is this right? Not that I can't adapt what I have for a 1/2" inlet, but I'd hate to neglect the ability to refill the tank even quicker if I have that option. May be a stupid question, but isn't 3/8" standard for most toilets?

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    Toto uses standard 7/8" fill valve threads.
    Diameter for the supply can be 3/8"

    If it says toilet supply, it' going to work.


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