My Toto Vespin II finally came in, so I'm getting ready to install it. Since it uses an adaptor, what is the best wax ring to use? One with a horn or without a horn. Or does it even matter. My floor flange is on top of the finished tile floor.

Also, this toilet has the lowest flush water usage, 1.3? gpf. Wasn't there an easy way to convert it to the next higher flush water usage, 1.6? gpf. My toilet has the double cyclone flush system, and I am really trying to achieve a clean bowl after a flush.

As a side note, the place where I purchased this toilet told me Toto's all will be the lower flush rate, the Vespin II only comes in the comfort height, & round bowls will soon become a thing of the past, all being elongated. Have others heard the same thing?

Thanks, FJK