Is there any truth to these rumours I'm hearing this week that many of the online posters in our pages here and there are in fact employees of the various companies selling product.

I have been trying to advise people to "Flood Test" their showers and this is getting so much heat. I have had two threads just disappear into Cyber Smoke and am getting all sorts of "Encouragment"...


What's the skinny?

I know you plumbers here flood test your work - it's code. So if the client chooses a different "Tile Setter" install system like Red Guard, HPG, Hydro Ban, Nobel or Schulter do you not feel like me these guys need to own their work?

Why deleted the threads.

I have spoken directly with Terry a few times and he has always been so helpful. My words have never "Disappeared" from this site and I have tried to keep my vents in the more DIY forums.

What do you all think?

I've been told this point of the large companies having many online writers by at least 3 people this week. I have been looking for patterns - and they are all to clear once you step back and look a little harder.