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Thread: Repair damaged door jamb

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    Default Repair damaged door jamb

    This is more of a fixit question than remodelling. Well, you could say I need to remodel a door jamb.

    Front entry door of the house has a storm door hinged onto the jamb (house built in 1950). The storm has a pneumatic closer, which is attached with 2 wood screws into the jamb.

    Kids/wife in their usual fashion opened the storm too wide and ripped the closer screws out of the wood. My repair was to drill out the shredded wood, and glue/hammer in oversize dowels. Drill pilot holes in the dowels and re-attach the closer. It was perfect, it worked great.

    Guess what, kids/wife did it again. How did this house go for 55 years without the door jamb being shredded? This time the dowels tore out of the jamb, but the screws were securely holding onto the dowels.

    So now I have more of a shredded jamb than before. What's the best fix for this? I'm thinking of cutting a square section of the jamb out, surrounding the screws. Then glue/screw a new piece of wood (oak?) in place. Sand/prime/paint the oak. Then reattach the closer. The question is how well will the oak "patch" hold? Or is there another way? Thanks for any advice on this.

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    You could try larger dowels except this time use Gorilla glue as opposed to regular wood glue(assuming that is what you used). It is worth the try and a lot less work then replacing the whole section.


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