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Thread: Bellevue High School Reunion 1970, September 10th

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    I am curious what kind of turn over was there? Even though I don't go to the reunions I keep in touch with a few of the girls and the turnover isn't great. I do know we lost a few of the girls, 2 to suicide, which is unbelieveable, one drugs, one to cancer, one is an unknown the parents won't say and that is okay. Right now there are quite a few battling cancer. So, it is kind of sad.

    Did you take a mate or a date? LOL.

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    I have #50 coming in '12. I will probalby go to that. I have not been to one, even though they do big reunion shindigs every year. School is in MA, and I have been in CA for42 years. They publish quarterly mags, with articles about each class with anyone still alive....back in to the 20's. I keep tabs, but it is on the east coast, and I have been in touch..only rarely...with just a few folks. The alumni association hits me up a couple times a year, but I have two daughters with college and grad school alumni association on my back as well!! They do publish the birth/death stats. So far, 3 in my class of 61 graduates have passed. Lucky considering mid 60's was prime draft time in the middle of vietnam. Everyone in my class went to college; many of us later ended up in the service. I was in the Navy, so dodged the ground combat! We did have one or two guys shot up, but everyone survived that.

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    Out of a class of 535 we had 198 show up Friday.
    Not bad for 40 years later.

    I hung out a bit with Jay Fowler of H.D. Fowler Company, I remember him from at least first grade, he lives in Olympia while his brother Hod runs the Bellevue branch. I used to do plumbing on their moms place when she lived on the lake.

    Caught up a little bit with one of the members of our performing choir members, Sandra Allen, who writes a blog for her paper and entertains professionally as a singer, she always had a great voice.

    Blaine Beden, Boeing engineer, cancer survivor and excellent softball player.

    Deborah Cahill, delivered over 4,000 babies since I had last seen her. She was in choir with me too.

    Richard Reynolds, living the good life in Panama, danced professionally for twenty years, was in both choirs with me.

    Bob Swanson, I ran against him for class vice president one year, and hung out with him in Junior High, now mentors non-profits.

    Tom Lane, boy scouts and five day hikes through the Olympics in Junior High.

    Kent Leslie, turns out my older sister used to be his baby sitter, now that had to be a long time ago. He now sells equipment for restaurants. ChemMark

    Larry Quarnstrom, used to use his dad's patrol car (or something that was very much like it) , and tear around the freeway system, his dad was a cop. My dad was a judge. He's now construction management for the school district in Olympia.

    Tom Dunn, lived in Surrey Downs near my friend Ross McMains.

    Timothy Slaker, went for extra time at BHS, shared a choir class. Smart guy.

    Bob Woodcock, living in Montesana now, it was good to catch up with him.

    Roy Marshall, now in Florida. HazardousMaterials.com

    Rick Reed, a lawyer in Seattle now. Cub scouts and boy scouts. Did a lot of hiking with him.

    And a few others, but my chemo mind prevents me from remembering all the names, but if we do the next one in five years, that should clear up and I'll be good to go.
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    It sounds like you had a great time Terry!

    Good to hear they are talking about every 5 years.. Time goes by too damn fast not to...

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    That sounds pretty good Terry. Not a bad turn out either, actually better then what I would had thought. Out of ours what I know of, one girl is actually head of a college, another an administrator of a college, a couple are college profs, a few are teachers, alot are nurses one for oncology, so far that is I think all I know of. Oh, a few are secretaries of companies, one for a lawyer, I think... one is a lawyer. Almost all are moms. One girl I know lost her eye site, we correspond back to each other almost on a daily basis.

    So, we did well. Out of all of them, I am the only writer. No matter what I am disciplined or licensed to do, I am at heart always was and will be, a writer. English was never my best subject, I am a poor speller, and horrible at grammar. But, writing is so much more involved than meets the eye. I make the most at writing, money wise. ( I did others papers for them and got paid in college) But, it sounds like you had fun and that is what counts the most when you go to those reunions. You got me thinking about going to this next one, coming up. I might want to show off my new sexy haircut.
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