Greetings all,

So my wife and I are working on our basement and the drywall has been put up. The drywall was put up by the classic "friend of a friend" type deal and, while it's up and generally great, there are some "issues" around the blue electrical boxes that were nailed to the framing pre-drywall that I am now installing receptacles into that I'd love some solid tips on!

Okay, so in some places the drywall cutout is a bit too big so that the tabs on the receptacles/switches won't catch it when screwed down. Do they make like "tab extenders" or something that go higher? I mean maybe that's not even applicable since then it wouldn't be covered by the faceplate? Anywho, I need a solid tip as to how to possible get those tabs to catch? (I assume i can just use longer machine screws to get the receptacle into the blue box threads.

More disconcerting for me is the fact that some boxes (after the brutalizing they suffered during drywall installation) aren't "straight" anymore. They're not "parallel" to the face of the drywall. So like the left edge of the blue boxis flush with the face of the drywall but the RIGHT edge of the box is back 1/4" - 3/4" from the right edge of the hole in the drywall. So, as you can imagine, when I screw in a receptacle, the receptacle is slanted in the opening with the left side being out beyond the faceplate and looking correct but the RIGHt side of the receptacle not our as far past the faceplate!

Any thoughts/tips/solutions/suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!