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Thread: Carlyle I vs. Carlyle II

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    Default Carlyle I vs. Carlyle II

    I decided to purchase a Toto Carlyle toilet to replace an old toilet in my son's bathroom (he just moved to college, and his toilet has had a hard life). I have a Drake in the guest bathroom I bought a few years ago, and love it. My dilemma now is that the Carlyle I is available with the G-Max 1.6 gallon flush (like the Drake, which I know will be good), or I can get the Carlyle II which has the Double Cyclone 1.28 gallon flush. The price difference is a few dollars. Which is better, the G-Max, or the Double Cyclone? Does the double cyclone flush really keep the bowl cleaner than the G-Max? But, can a 1.28 gallon flush really be better than a 1.6 gallon flush? We don't get watersense rebates here, so that's not an issue. Any opinions will be much appreciated.

    Another question, on the Drake toilet we have, the front of toilet moves slightly from side to side when you push on it, which makes me wonder if the plumber installed it correctly. Is that normal? Shouldn't it be tightly connected to the floor? We've never had any problems with it, but I may look for a different plumber to intall the new toilet. Toto toilets don't seem to be common in this area, I've had several plumbers tell me they'd never seen one before.

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    The new Drake II and the Carlyle II work very well.
    No worries about going to 1.28 with them.

    The bowl should not move. If the floor is not level, it needs to be shimmed before the nuts are snugged down.
    The the bowl gets caulked to the floor.
    We leave a little out at the back, inspectors instructions in Washington.
    In Arizona, they do a 360.

    Shimming a bowl.
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    I've been reading all the posts I could find discussing the double cyclone v. g-max flushing system, and found one person stating that the double cyclone flush is not very powerful, and another person stating the flush from the Vespin would be slightly more powerful than the Carlyle, since Vespin is 2-piece and the tank is higher. Would the Vespin II (double cyclone, 2 piece) be a better choice than the Carlyle II (double cyclone, 1 piece). I like the Vespin, and had a hard time choosing between the two before deciding on the Carlyle, so I could go back. Whoever thought choosing a toilet would be so difficult. But with low flow toilets, you really need to be sure they work well before you buy.

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    I have both a Vespin and a Carlyle in my house. I don't see much difference between the two. They are not the newer version. I think the double cyclone flush is a worthwhile improvement, and would have no qualms going that route if I were in need of another one. Think of it as saving a little, each time you flush. Mine stay pretty clean, but I like the idea of being able to see the whole thing without having to stand on your head in the bowl to check under the rim!
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