Hello everyone.

I was wondering ... is there a noticeable lack of shower stall reviews? I loved all the review action going on for the toilets (and never thought I'd fall in love with a toilet [which I have: Toto Aquila! ... which is going to be hard for me to get where I live!]) but I digress.

I'm wondering if there are any well reviewed or recommended brands for shower stalls?

We have a minor mold problem with our en suite so we are going to renovate it from top to bottom so to speak. New everything (its an old en suite that needs an upgrade anyways).

I'm in Canada and I see that Rona, Home Hardware, Home Depot all carry shower stalls but none of the brands they sell I can find reviewed :-| I'm willing to perhaps order and or drive to the US to pick stuff up if it means getting brands that have good names.

Any recommendations appreciated.

Thank you!

P.S. Any recommendations on hardware (not sure if this is the right word): taps, faucets, knobs etc. as I need to replace taps in the kitchen sink and both bathroom showers/sinks.