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Thread: Reasonably priced, high performance dual-flush toilets

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    Default Reasonably priced, high performance dual-flush toilets

    I need recommendations for dual-flush toilets that have a smooth exterior profile, like Kohler's Saile modelóbut that work well. (I've read the threads that folks are often unhappy with Kohler's toilets.) The Toto Aquia has been recommended, but my neighbors have one and my husband hates the bowl-in-a-bowl configuration because it's so difficult to clean. What are the runners-up to the Aquia, in the $300 to $500 price range?


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    Keep this in mind...each time you flush, regardless of whether it is I or II, the whole water quantity in the bowl needs to be changed. The 'full' flush uses more water, but in order to keep the bowl's water depth large enough to cover the business, it needs to be narrow(er) and deep. Any toilet that uses dual flush that works properly and empties the bowl needs a similar shape, so if you find one with a larger water spot, it either will be shallow, leaving stuff stick up, or won't clear all of the waste when using the smaller flush.

    0.8gallon just isn't all that much volume and your bowl shape can't be huge to contain it.
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    If you don't like how a dual flush bowl is shaped, you may be better off with a Watersense 1.28 gallon flush bowl instead.
    Somthing like the Toto Vespin has the smooth sides, double cyclone rinse and Sanagloss.

    If you're looking for a lower price range, then it gets a bit trickier.

    The Aquia has been working well, both in performance and in reliablity. Less then 1% returns


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