I've been having a problem with (what appears to be) calcite particles appearing in my toilet tanks and bathtub. I have an upflow ph neutralizer system.
First I installed a reusable sediment filter on the house side of the ph neutralizer, but it clogs up too frequently.
I talked with a local filter guy that told me that my ph tank head probably didn't have a filter on it (which it didn,t) so he recomended replacing the head with a one which incorperates a filter (which I did).
Now, whenever we fill the bathtub, it clogs up the ph tank head filter and reduces flow to a trickle. Even if I fill the tub up slowly I still get some sediment in the sediment filter down line from the ph tank.
My regulater is set at 40-60 and tank at 38. I have the calcite top level at 16" from top of 10x54 tank.

Would a downflow system take care of this problem?

I talked to an online supplier who suggested using a Fleck 2510 sxt on a 10x54 tank calcite only.

Would this system be adequate?

I have a 1" supply which feeds the main house (3 to 4 people 2 1/2 baths) and a cottage (1 person 1 bath). The pressure tank is fed from a 1500 gal. holding tank with a 20 gpm pump.
Well recently tested at ph-6.5, iron-0,mag -0.041, cloride -100, hardness -4,alk -4, tds -55 .

Also, the tank is located in the well house which is outdoors and no convenient drain.
Since I'm only adding calcite to the water, can I drain to the ground?