I recently posted about installing an icemaker line tapped off my well supply [http://www.terrylove.com/forums/show...pipe&p=269421].

The job is now done but I have a very small niggling problem.

Here is the configuration:

1. Sharkbite Tee on 3/4 inch CPVC reduces to 1/2 inch
2. Short stub (4 inch) 1/2 inch CPVC connects to push-on angle valve with 3/8 compression output
3. 20 inch "faucet supply" (braided) 3/8 at both ends connects to angle valve and to adapter (below)
4. Watts 3/8 to 1/4 adapter connects to braided "faucet supply"
5. 1/4 inch icemaker line connects to Watts adapter and directly to fridge input

I know this is a bit roundabout, but I could not find ANYWHERE to buy a push on angle valve with a 1/4 inch compression output, which is why I wound up with Steps 3 and 4.

This setup works 99%. The two push-on fittings (Steps 1 and 2) are holding perfectly well with absolutely no leak.

The connection between Steps 2-3 and 4-5 are also tight with no leaks.

My only problem is the connection between Steps 3-4, where the braided "faucet supply" connects to the 3/8 inch end of the Watts adapter. I have tightened it and used some teflon tape but there remains a very teeny tiny leak. As in, a single water droplet at random intervals, maybe a handful per minute. I've redone the connection several times but the single droplet problem remains.

Looking for both ideas on why this is happening and is there a clever solution to suppress the single occasional water droplet leak, that isn't a gusher or even a steady trickle?

Thanks again!