Just put in a new electric water heater. The electric heater is the one rated by Consumer something as a BEST buy. Its the GE. I installed it in place of a leaky unknown brand. The COLD line was on the same side so I just lined them up and hooked them up the same.

When I check the temp by feel, I see that the one from the COLD stub is HOT. The line attached to the HOT stub is barely warm. The supply lines are not marked, and I can't tell if one is truly coming in off the main supply.

All I need to know is: 1: can the water heater still be supplying hot water effectively- there is hot water in all the right places in my home now.
2: Is the current condition of my hot COLD line and room temp Hot line the norm? ...or did I cross the lines?

p.s. The heater is in the basement.