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Thread: Bathtub drain - relocating

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    Default Bathtub drain - relocating

    I am replacing an old soaker tub with a standard tub but find that the location of the drain in my slab floor will not match up with the new tub. Since I have never done this kind of plumbing before, I am unsure about relocating the drain myself. How difficult is that for a diy novice? Would I be better off to have a pro do this and connect the drain for the new tub? My experience has been limited to pipe sweating and pvc plumbing repairs.

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    It depends somewhat on whether you have access to the thing from the drain end or not. Otherwise, you have to measure carefully and you only get one chance to glue it together. Cracking the concrete (if the trap isn't in an open boxed area) isn't all that hard. You could save some money if you opened up the area where the trap needs to go so the plumber just has to make the connections. Time is money...
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    You do NOT know where the plumber would want the floor opened, so don't waste your time trying to second guess him. It is also possible, since we do not know where the new tub is going, that he might be able to work from the existing location.

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