The 2 mains are both 60amp fuses. The power company wont tell me what amperage service I have, They say they dont know. How can I tell? I could just use 60a mains in the new breaker box, but if my
service supports more, I'd like to get larger. I've never blown a main.

Also, all 115vac circuits are 15a, is that normal for a house built in 1954? Reason I ask is because I
have 12awg wires coming out of the box and someone said I could replace all those 15s with 20s.

Oh yea, the reason I am changeing this is because:
1-a sub panel was added to the house before I bought it in 1986. It has breakers for the central AC
and water heater. The AC breaker is loose and sometimes sparks when it cycles on. The bar that the
breakers attaches to is damaged. It has always made me uncomfortable.

2-Since 1986 I have spent maybe 100$ in fuses. Less so these last few years since I cut two existing
circuits in 1/2 and added two more fuses. There were two empty places on the box which is now full.

3-I want to add another circuit.

4-I cant use the clothes washer spin cycle when the central heater is cycled on, otherwise a 15a fuse
pops. The AC is 230, the fan and heater are 115.