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Thread: warm water from garden hose

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    Default warm water from garden hose

    The water from my garden hose feels too warm even after I have run the existing water out of it and the house plumbing. I was wondering if it is possible that it is siphoning from the water heater. The garden hose is very long 150". I am on a community water system operated by a private company. Of course, it could just be my perception rather than a real problem. Any thoughts?

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    I would see if I could find the pipes in the basement to see if they are also getting worm. I would then look for a cross connection. I would also check any fixtures that are close by to see if the cold water is also worm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by devo View Post
    I am on a community water system operated by a private company ...
    Have you checked the temperature of the water when it first arrives at your house? Depending upon its origin and the community system, maybe it arrives tepid.

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    run hose then turn cold water supply to water heater off...
    If temp of water drops significantly you may have a cross connection...
    Now turn water supoply to heater back on... if hose heats back up, you do have a cross connection... (or tempered water to your hose bibb...LOL)

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    My water is usually tempered.
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