I had an addition built 5 years ago. It has a master bath and it takes approx 1 minute for the water to the sink to get hot. The plumber used 3/4 pex on the 30 ft run to the bathroom area and then ran 1/2 to the sink, shower and tub. I think he must have anticipated our concerns about how long it takes to get hot water because he also included a 1/2 hot return to the water tank. The return has always been shut off at the cold inlet to the tank. I assumed that he did this in case we wanted to run a circulating pump? I don't really like the idea of running a constant loop of hot water all of the time because the bathroom is not used that often.

My question is: will running a stand alone 1/2 pex to the sink only or changing the long run to all three fixtures to a 1/2 instead of the 3/4 decrease the amount of time it takes to get hot water without affecting water pressure/volume?

Just as an aside, it takes about the same length of time to get hot water to the shower but the bath gets the water in about half of the time that it takes to get to the sink or shower.

Thanks in advance for any ideas