HI there just wanted to get some other peoples opinions. We just built a new house and our new well has pretty bad water. I have had it tested 3 times by a local guy, Culligan and Kinetico.

The Hardness is 70 gpg
Clear Iron is 12 ppm
pH is 6.9
TDS is 630 ppm

All 3 companies wanted to install and iron filter and then a twin tank system and a reverse osmosis under my kitchen sink. And all three quotes were between 5 and 6 thousand dollars.

So I started to do some reseach and I have been finding good things out about Fleck. Would it be ok to purchase a green sand filter and their Fleck 9000 Twin tank system and have my husband install it. Instead of paying Culligan or Kinetico

Our well is about 180 feet deep and we are getting around 6 gpm.

Thanks for your time