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Thread: Low pressure

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    Default Low pressure

    A few months ago I had the motor changed on my jet pump. It ran great for a while then the pressure started to get weak. After that It would just randomly loose pressure, one morning I was up getting ready for work and flushed the toilet will the sink was running and lost water pressure. When ever this would happen I would have to go and shut the pump of at the breaker box wait about ten minutes and every thing would be back to normal. I local well company came out and said the pump pressure was to high and turned it down. Now the pump doesn't loose pressure like it did before I just have very weak pressure all the time. This has been going on for a few months and I finally got feed up with loosing all my pressure when ever someone flushed the toilet. I found on line that my cut on should be 2psi above my tanks pre selected pressure which is 38psi. I tried to set the pump to 40psi which is where the web site said to put it. When I did this my pump would not reach the cut out point it would only make it to 45psi. Another thing is there is only a 10psi difference on my cut in and out and I read it should be 20psi. I believe I have a shallow well, With a single line in and out 1/2hp. Also there was a new pressure tank put on and instead of removing the old one they left it and jumped the new on in line. I believe that is all the information I have seen asked for, any help would be great.

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    You must have a 1/2 HP pump? With enough lift on the suction side, it won't build more than 45 PSI. Soounds like your water level in the well has dropped. You may need a larger pump to be able to increase the pressure.

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    You may need to find the manufacturers stats on the pump and check the chart to see gpm per psi, the more psi the lower the gpm with jet pumps. It also seems like your impeller may be bad since it used to work fine and now it is not building pressure

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