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Thread: From wall to wall it's 58 1/2" - Is this a 60" tub?

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    Default From wall to wall it's 58 1/2" - Is this a 60" tub?

    I'm looking at replacing my tub but I want to make sure the tub I have is standard. I know 60" is a standard size, but I've seen tubs for sale that are 59". Is it a safe bet that I have a 60" tub?

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    60" minus 1" for backer board, and then 1/2" for two layers of tile, yes I would say you have a standard 60" tub.
    I've never seen a 59" tub. Who sells those?

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    There are 56" tubs, never say a 59. The stated size of tub or tub/shower module, is the "stud to stud" dimension. The finished walls will of course be less. 57 to 59 for a 60" tub, 53 to 55 for a 56" tub. The finished walls could be even smaller number on some Lasco one piece enclosures. But the "spec" will be either 56 or 60

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