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Thread: UltraMax Toilet vs. Eco UltraMax

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    Default UltraMax Toilet vs. Eco UltraMax

    Like many of the folks who post on this site, I am remodeling and replacing all of our toilets. I am considering the Toto UltraMax, based on some of the information on this web site.

    However, in reviewing the web site for Toto, I see the Eco UltraMax toilet, which seems to be essentially the same as the UltraMax - except that it uses less water (1.28 GPF). It still uses the E-Max flushing system.

    Can anyone provide some information or experience about the differences between these two toilets? I would like to use low water consumption toilets if they are practical and effective.

    Thanks !

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    I can't speak from personal experience, but reports on the newer Eco model Toto toilets are that the 1.28 GPF models work just as good as the 1.6 GPF models. If I were buying a new toilet, I'd go with the Eco model.

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    I have no experience with the Ultramax, but I do have two Eco Drakes (1.28gpf) and one Drake (1.6gpf). I really can't tell the difference between the Eco and non Eco Models. I have not had an troubles with any of them either.

    Since there have been favorable comments about the Ultramax II, you might want to look into the Ultramax II with the double cyclone flush. There is a bit of a difference in shape and the Ultramax II comes in the ADA height and 1.28 GPF only.

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