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Thread: Really a TOTO?

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    Question Really a TOTO?

    I have a printed TOTO specification sheet Model; MS604114CEF(G) .... no problem so far ... The name
    printed below is "Gwyneth" this name is not recognized by TOTO inc. nor by Terry Love ... first problem. next the model number has been scratched and one number changed MS604164CEF(G) ... this number is not in the system. Is this really an old model, a knock-off, really new, or what?
    I have not seen the unit yet info all on the spec. sheet.
    What should I look for on the unit? Reputable long time plumbing supply store.

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    Gwyneth sounds familiar. A little searching brings up this link:

    Looks like the Gwyneth is now the UltramaxII.

    That other part number seems to come up as the Ultramax II p/n:

    A little more clarification on the part number difference:

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