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Thread: Trane XB14 and XR80

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    When the installation is complete on the TRANE XB14 should there be a cover on the corner where the refrigerant lines connect? Should exposed wire nuts be dangling? I can't find any diagrams on the TRANE site -- any replies will be appreciated.

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    I have a brand new XR15, and it has a cover panel on that corner coveing the service ports and wiring. Its attached with screws that screw into those punched holes in your photo to the right of the louvered sheetmetal. I would imagine that yours should too. Funny thing is, every sketch in this manual shows it removed. http://www.munchsupply.com/UserFiles...ide%20XB14.pdf

    Another manual: http://www.americancoolingandheating...fications1.pdf (Google is your friend, well maybe.)

    It might be best to ask at HVAC-Talk.com by registering there and posting your question there.
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    It most definately should have the cover! Prior to its installation, it is dangerous since there is 240vac exposed on the power contactor and maybe other places...don't muck around in there unless you know what you are doing. It came with one, and don't let the installer tell you otherwise. Now, someone might have stolen it, but I think you'd have noticed it being there or not right after it was installed.

    The wire nuts are fine - think of it like the inside of an electrical box. If they're installed properly, there's nothing to worry about ONCE the cover is installed.
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