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Thread: Eljer Aqua Saver

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    Default Eljer Aqua Saver

    I tried an Eljer Aqua Saver because Consumer Report rated it as a best by. I soon changed its name to Eljer Awful Flusher.

    Fecal crumbs and sometimes small pieces of toilet paper would come back into the bowl after flushing. A second flush was required to clear it.

    Tech at Eljer said it must be defective and I should return it. He said they had sold 150,000 of them and had no problem.

    Home Depot took it back but it wasn't easy. I had to get an assistant manager's approval because it is considered hazardous waste after it is used.

    I got a Toto Drake and have so far been satisfied.

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    Thats how the Eljer Aquasave worked in my home too.
    It hasn't been on my recommended list for those very reasons.

    CR must not do any home testing of these things.
    It's too bad when people trust them to do their homework, and they don't.

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    The flush handle linkage on the AquaSaver has proved to be troublesome and not reliable.


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