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Thread: PVC Pipe Connected To Metal Drip Pan is Leaking

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    Default PVC Pipe Connected To Metal Drip Pan is Leaking

    Leapin lemurs, we have a big problem. Our central air unit is in the attic. We have a leak where the pvc pipe is attached to the metal drain pan. Why anyone would use metal with pvc is beyond me, but we have to figure out how to fix this. We have a limited budget, and the leak is fairly severe. It is leaking out the ceiling and causing water damaged to our walls also. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Can you adhere plastic to metal?
    Thank you.
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    It sounds like you are describing your condensate drain and typically, they clog & back up and cause a leak like you are describing. To fix the problem you could just replace the condensate line & if it is 3/4 inch replace it with 1 inch or many times they blow them out with compressed air or similar.

    Hope it works out for you.

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    You sure the pan isn't just overflowing because of a clog? If you're lucky, something like a coathanger poked down the line will free up the clog. If it IS the pvc, it might have eventually split if it is a female with metal going into it. If you post a picture, someone may be able to give you a good idea how best to fix it.
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    You have an internal drain pan for and under the cooling coil with piping and P-trap to discharge to the outside (primary drain). You should have another Aux. condensate drain pan under the whole unit that also has a drain or float switch. If you have water in this pan (Aux.condensate drain pan) than you have something clogging your primary drain and P-trap. You should not have any water in the aux drain pan.
    Blow it out with some air or if you are careful with water.

    The other people have answered you primary question about the connection fix

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