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Thread: New wood vanity got damaged. Called plumber

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    Default New wood vanity got damaged. Called plumber

    Hi Everyone, I live in the Boston area and just did a half bath remodel down to the studs.

    Called a licensed plumber to update the plumbing to accommodate the new vanity and install it along with the faucet.
    The plumber sent his young plumber who just finished up his apprenticeship. Very nice young man. He had to cut a pipe and put new PBC and installed everything. The bathroom isnít being used that much because the house is being updated. The new valves on one side leaked. I didnít catch it for a while.

    I called the plumber back and Mike the nice young man said one of the valves wasnít tight and he tightened it and sopped up some of the water. It was difficult to get your hand in the back of the vanity due to a draw. So the $330 cherry wood vanity is bowing in many places and had mold as well.

    Am I wrong to want the the plumber to replace vanity? My mosaic tile work that will be damaged when they pull off the sink to to replace the vanity.

    I don't like confrontation. Iím a single mom who saved and saved to do this bathroom tear out. I am getting myself worked out thinking they may tell me to go away. I had paid the plumber $300 to do this work too

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

    P.S. I tried to attach photos but the drag/drop feature wasn't working for me.

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    Bad things some times happen but he should step up and take care of any damage caused by HIS leak.


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    I would ask the plumber to make the repairs needed to replace anything that was damaged, This is why they require licensed contractors to carry liability insurance, to protect the homeowner.

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    The mold can be wiped off, and depending exactly how bowed it is would determine what I would do. As long as the leak is stopped I wouldn't get all worked up about it. They will probably do something, by the way, he was very very reasonable in his price to you.

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    Depending on where the damage is the cabinet may be repairable. Sometimes new floors can be installed without removing the cabinet. But his insurance, assuming he has it, should cover the damage and repairs.

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