Only one plumbing supply house in my area sells Toto. They tell me the Toto Drake 1.6GPF is no longer manufactured. They sell only the Drake Eco 1.28GPF. Here I was ready to order the 1.6GPF model and now it is no longer made!!

Question please --

(1) Is the supply house correct that the Toto Drake 1.6GPF is no longer manufactured?

(2) Do you recommend the 1.28GPF Drake Eco model (CST744E) with as much enthusiasm as you recommend the 1.6GPF Drake model (CST744S)?

(3) What is the difference in the toilet design between the 1.6GPF and 1.28GPF models?

(4) How much water does the 1.28GPF Drake hold in the tank?

(5) Does the 1.28GPF Drake operate the same way as the 1.6GPF in that there is enough water in the tank for a second flush?

(6) Is the 1.28GPF bowl the same as the 1.6GPF bowl?

(7) Is the flush valve still 3" for both?