I'm considering updating my bath/shower fixtures as the wall is open and they're looking dated. Right now I've got the standard moen clear acrylic knob pull to control flow and turn to adjust temperature; no pressure balancing or thermostatic balancing. Initially I looked at a pp set because it was all metal and heavy, everything but the cartridge is brass plus I like the design; something that a couple of the moen sets I looked at were not. The set includes a 0x8 valve and I've come across a thread here about these valves not having enough pressure or flow, is this a common complaint or just this one particular poster?

The second question is right now the copper supplies just come up from below and are connected to the inlets on the current valve with a 90' elbow and about an inch of pipe. I've seen on a couple home improvement shows bringing the supplies up to the level of the valve then using a tee with hammer arresters or just 6-8" of pipe with caps on the end on top. Is this something I want to do? The installation pdf of the faucet I'm considering doesn't mention doing this or not doing it. http://www.diyadvice.com/diy/plumbin...r-tub-faucets/ There's a picture here with the arrestors I found with google if my explanation isn't clear.