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Thread: Review the 14th Amendment?

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    Default Review the 14th Amendment?

    Are the Republicans crazy?

    Arizona immigration. Now this. You guys just keep bringing junk to the table.

    Get a grip.

    If you believe the Constitution is a strong, complete and carefully crafted document that has successfully governed your nation for centuries then leave it alone.

    Else ban guns before you start messing around with the good bits.
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    Ian, if you ever want to take a vacation somewhere really interesting and steeped in history you got to visit Philly. I lived there many years and there, you could eat at what is called, The Tavern on the Square where it is said they put alot of work into the constitution and after, they partied on the roof. They serve only period food and drinking ale from pewter mugs. They dress in period clothing and talk like they did back then. It is a really neat place to visit but, got to warn you that the food is horrible. At least I thought so. But, it does take you back into time.

    Philly is a great place with loads of stuff to see. I actually was asked to leave the Liberty bell area when although you are allowed to touch the bell, they didn't appreciate me saying when I pretended to have gotten my finger stuck in the crack, " oops, my finger is stuck, looks like I got to take it with me." It was pretty funny.

    There is the mint where they make the money. You can watch it going on, the designers, etc, the money coming down conveying belts, and one man whom I think has got the greatest job in the world, he sweeps up all the shiny new pennies bouncing off the belt onto the floor. I bet he sweeps up in pennies more than any of us makes in a lifetime.

    Just don't take your camera as I learned. They do not have a patent therefore, no pictures, no cameras. And, don't play around the escalator as my husband did with the boys, he was asked to leave if he didn't stop. I loved it...

    Then their is Betsy Ross's house. There a windy stairwell takes you down to her kitchen where the fires are going and the huge pots are boiling, and hangs the first flag she made.

    Not far from there, everywhere, it becomes Ben's town. There you can see the house he didn't finish building, his first printing press and where he wrote Poor Richard's Almanack. For a small fee you can take a carriage ride, and see his musuem filled with electrical things. Further down on Arch street is where he is buried and on his grave people pitch pennies and those pennies they make into a bust located nearby.

    Don't forget to check out Valley Forge, and George Washington's house where on the side window where he sat at his desk a candle is constantly lit.

    Philly is a remarkable place and yes, the people are friendly. A must see if you love history, I marvel at it all.

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    ... about banning guns, sorrowfully, if we ever did that, then, only the criminals would have them. That's not a good thing Ian.

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    Ban guns? In America? Explain how, even if the government wanted to. There are millions of them in circulation and the majority are not registered. I personally own over 30 and none have paperwork attached to them. I paid a lot of money for most of them. Do you really think that I and millions like me are going to willingly hand them over to the government? do you think the criminals will hand them over? Guns are good. Guns keep governments from turning into dictatorships. Guns keep thugs from breaking down doors indiscriminately. Great Briton pretty much banned guns didn't it? Did you take a look at the crime rates since? But, I do think that it would be a great idea for Obama to introduce a bill to ban them. It would be the final nail in his political coffin and insure his approaching defeat.
    Perception is 3/4 of reality

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    If I recall, it was Thomas Jefferson who said "a little revolution every once in a while will be necessary". I don't know if I got the quote exactly right, because I didn't have my cell phone camera with me at the time! Anyway, we may not be far from that "once in a while" time!

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    OK then, let's keep guns and the 14th Amendment.

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Ban guns? In America? Explain how,
    That bit is easy. Offer an amnesty period to hand them over and then if the Police find you with one and you're not a farmer, they arrest you or shoot you. Makes finding the criminals a bit easier than the silly system you have now...

    ... where it's OK to have a hand gun in your glove box. Poor cops. Who'd want to be one in a country like this?

    Trust me when I say that it would be a lot easier, practically if not politically, to ban guns in this place than illegal immigration.

    It's easier to spot a gun than an Englishman that might or might not have the required paperwork.
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    Nah, the police has got too much power as it is.
    Don't ever check my purse. that lipstick? aint lipstick. lol

    You ought to see what I carry in that shoe.
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    I'm a farmer
    Pretty sure every other American would become one
    DIY Handyman (not 4 hire)
    I have enough to do to my own house

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    I think review of the XIV Amendment is a good idea, in fact I re-read it in its entirety just before starting this response. I'll go even further, EVERYONE should review the entire Constitution on a regular basis so that they actually KNOW what is written rather than just "thinking" they know. It takes less than an hour to read the entire document. Maybe if more people would read the Constitution we'd have fewer people misquoting it.

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