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Thread: Moen A7250RB Drop Ell pipe nipple length

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    Default Moen A7250RB Drop Ell pipe nipple length

    I am installing a Moen vertical spa shower. I have a hand held shower head being installed as part of this spa.

    There is a standard 1/2" sweat fitting drop ell mounted in the wall exactly 1 1/4" behind my cement board. The cement board and tile add another 1" to the mix. This means that the front lip of the drop ell is mounted 2 1/4" behind the finished wall.

    Today I received my Moen trim kit which contains a visible drop ell (part #A7250RB) which is used with the hand held shower head. There is a 1/2" female threaded connection protruding from the back of this device.

    My problem is that I can only find 1/2" threaded brass nipples in 1/2" increments. If I use a 2 1/2" nipple then I cannot seat the nipple well before the drop ell hits the finished wall. If I use a 3" nipple then the drop ell sits 1/8" off of the finished wall.

    My question is this. Can I add enough tape to the 2 1/2" nipple to keep it from leaking, or can I cut 3/16" from each end of the 3" nipple so that it is the correct size? I don't have much hope of cutting the threaded pipe and making it work well. I would use a hack saw and then run the rough edge on my grinder to smooth it out.

    I suppose that the other option is caulk the 1/8" gap, but I think that is going to look bad.

    The tile is not installed yet, so the the absolute nuclear option would be to remove the cement board and move the internal drop ell back 1/8".

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    If you cut the "starting threads" off the nipple you will probably NOT even get it started into either side, and it WILL tighten at the same spot if you could. The "taper" of the threads is what is tightening your spout, NOT its length, and cutting the threads off does NOT change the taper.

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