I am assuming most highly reviewed and rated toilets "do the job" concerning power in the flush. I've been researching Toto Drake, Toto Soiree and the Toto Guinevere. I've also been reading about the American Standard Cadet 3.

I'm getting really fatigued trying to compare all hese apples and oranges. Someone PLEASE help!!!!

My bottom line is that I want the best bowl wash possible! This powder bath toilet will be used a lot by kids, teenagers and guests who don't always tidy up after flushing when needed.

We're replacing an old toilet that frequently clogs for a home we recently bought. We added a "father in-law suite" where we added a fully ada bath. Purchased a kohler that I need to brush the bowl clean daily. I don't want to make that mistake in this toilet.

Any quick advice will be greatly appreciated.