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Thread: cloudy water

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    Default cloudy water

    I'm a new home owner with a well that I think I just ran a little too long by filling up a kid pool and the water turned cloudy brown. Two hours later it is still cloudy. Might this return to normal after not using water for a period of time or is it a more serious problem that I need to get help with immediately?

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    More than likely the pump was cycling on and off the whole time you were filling the kid pool. This will stir up the well and make it cloudy. Usually you have to run it wide open for quite a while to clear up a dirty well. Make sure you have enough hoses runing at the same time to keep the pump from cycling off.

    Or it could be the opposite. If you have a weak producing well, then running it hard in the kid pool could also make it cloudy. I think you would have pumped the well dry and you would have known if it is a weak well. So I am guessing the first idea I mentioned is what you need to do.

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    You may want to trap some of the water into a glass and see what settles out over night or does is settle out right away without any turbidity, then go from there and you will see if valveman is correct which I suspect he is

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