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Thread: Air tight trim for recess lights

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    Default Air tight trim for recess lights

    Moderator, I hope this is the right thread.
    I just put in remodel cans in the living room and need some advice. I asked the man for ICAT and he gave me a box. In my stupidity I did not pay attention and installed them. Then I had my ceiling redone and it sure looks great. I am noticing though that I have a slight attic smell now. I checked and they are not ICAT they are just IC. Should have looked more closely I guess. They are from HD and are the commercial brand remodel can. Anyone have a suggestion of an AT trim for this can? Thanks.

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    There are some solid glass trims designed for wet areas, but none of them are air tight that I'm aware of. You might want to check with the manufacturer, but if you have access to the attic, maybe some foil duct tape on the seams would seal them up and not generate enough extra heat to trip the safety circuit. Note, the box itself might be tight, but if the hole in the ceiling isn't, you might notice that. The heat from the lamp can cause some insulation to outgas. It might diminish as it boils off all that it can.
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