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Thread: shower remodel -- trouble leveling the shower surround -- help!

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    Default shower remodel -- trouble leveling the shower surround -- help!

    Hi --

    I am working on a bathroom renovation and am about halfway through. I am working on the shower surround and ripped out the previous fiberglass surround exposing the studs below. I plan to place 15 lb. felt against the studs, then the backer board, then tile. I have two challenges facing me at this point:

    1) I could not get a tub to fit perfectly in the "alcove" that the old fiberglass tub was in. So on each side there is a 1/2" gap. I have put up shims to make up the distance. Does this sound okay?

    2) There are "dips" in the studs that create small areas that aren't level. We are talking a 1/4" or smaller dips. Any suggestions on whether I need to handle this, and if I do, how?

    I attached pictures hopefully this will give people a better idea. Thank you!


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    If you can find a long straighedge, how far out of plane are the studs? You can shim the low ones, but sometimes it's easier to sister in new ones next to the curren ones to make it nice and flat.
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    I know it may not be an exact response to your question but I noticed you didn't mention any waterproof component to your tile project. Have you thought about using something like Durock Tile Membrane? It is a moisture-proof barrier that looks like it could be great for bathroom and basement tile projects. Durock Tile Membrane is fast curing and easy to install because it comes on a roll but doesn’t curl back up like you would expect. I think it is an easy and cost-effective addition to any tile project.

    I talked to a real estate friend of mine and she said this type of renovation could help increase the value to you home with just this addition to the project.

    If you are curious check out their website for more information: www.durocktilemembrane.com/?cid=terrylove

    I should say I work with Durock but I thought it might be a good addition to your project. Also, if you find your questions are more nitty-gritty feel free to contact me and can connect you with an expert.

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