I am in the process of creating a room in my basement to house equipment and auxiliary tanks for my salt water fish tanks. The room will not have a floor drain. I am sealing the walls of this room up 6 inches in case I have a minor/major leak. I would like to purchase a Zoeller floor sucker pump that would only be used in case of an emergency. From this page, http://www.**************.com/zoelle...#automaticpump, I have identified a possible fit, the Model 44.

1) Does this seem like a good fit for my needs?
2) Can I plumb this into my house's sewage line?
3) I have read in the past that Zoeller has used switches that fail after two years of use and that some plumbers have been switching to mercury switches. Does this pump have that issue? Can I purchase a longer-life switch for use with this pump?

I am also posting another question about the basin and ejector pump in another thread.

Thanks for your advice,