I am in the process of creating a room in my basement to house equipment for my salt water fish tanks. One item I'm adding is a laundry tub that will be used to clean equipment (fish poop, small amounts of sand, small amounts of carbon, and small amount of Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) - small pebble-link grains), handle about 5 gallons of salt water per day during water changes, be used to dispose of RO waste water, and also handle the drain from a humidifier. I would like the laundry tub to drain into a basin that is on top of the concrete and that ejects into my sewage line. I was thinking about using a Zoeller pump. From this page, http://www.**************.com/drainsystem.html, I've identified a model that may meet my needs. The model is 131-0001. It has the M98 pump.

1) Does this seem like a good fit for my needs?
2) Is there any concerns about using this pump for the materials it will be handling?
3) I have read in the past that Zoeller has used inferior switches that fail regularly after two years on some models. I have read that some plumbers are replacing the stock switch with a mercury swtich. Does this model have that issue? Where can I find the mercury switch?
4) Does this basin seem big enough to safely handle 5 gallons of salt water that is automatically sent to the tub daily?

I am also posting another question about a floor sucker model in another thread.

Thanks for your advice,