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Thread: HELP! Valve stuck in open position

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    Default HELP! Valve stuck in open position

    I have a Hunter ICC system. It has not been activated in over two years. While trying to map out the sprinkler system, turning each station on for 3 minutes and sticking flags in the grass, the first two stations would not turn off when I set the main switch to OFF. I have unplugged the system..etc. I assume that once the valves are open and cannot be closed electronically, there is a way to close them manually. (Hopefully!)

    The only one I can currently turn them off is to turn of the water main (i.e., no water to house).

    ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Did you locate valve boxes in the ground? They might have a valve handle on them. Turn all the way off (not too tight). Sometimes, if the valve handle/stem is not in just the right, open position, they will not shut off. Try opening the valve 1/2 way and use the timer to activate a station. Did it go on? Probably. Turn timer to off or to another station. Did the station go off? If not, go to the valve and turn the handle down to close off. Just a bit, little by little. And wait. Did it finally go off?

    There should also be a small bleeder valve on the electric valve. It will trickle a bit when the station is on. Turn it all the way off and the valve should shut off. Could be there is dirt inside your valve.

    How is the wiring inside your timer? Any station wires loose or corroded?

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    It could also be air inside of your valves. That is what the bleeder valves are for. Getting air out of your valves when you turn them on. You also could have bad diaphrams after two years of not being in service.


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