I am moving along with a bathroom remodel project and I have hit a snag on the bathroom sink. The vanity is an antique table with a vessel sink. The table is open on the bottom so the P trap will be exposed. The faucet we chose is a Watermark Designs wall mount faucet with a hot and cold knob. The existing 1 1/2 drain currently runs from a turn below the base plate of the wall vertically to a height of about 46 inches where it makes a left turn and connects to the vent.

The existing drain is about an inch and a half left of the center of the new sink but I figure I can compensate for that with the P-Trap. The vertical vent above the drain is the problem. I read that vents are not to run horizontal except 6 inches above the flood level. 6 inches above the flood level is still above my wall mount faucet. Any advice as to how to get the ABS out of the way and stay within the UPC?