I'll be turning a W/D room into a full bath. The tile in the W/D is very nice and I'd like to keep it intact. The W/D room is configured perfectly to become a bathroom with a perfectly sized space for a standard tub where the W/D now sit. I know I will need to expose the wall studs to anchor the tub (it's an standard tub, not a claw-foot) and install backer board for the surround but I really don't want to pull up the old tile where the tub will go out of fear that I would have to replace all of the floor tile. The tile is no longer available and we really like the pattern. I can't think of any reason why I would have to remove the tile under the tub. It's relatively new (2002), installed well, and, like I said, very nice. I can get underneath from my unfinished basement. If there is a gap between the tub and floor when I level it, I'll use cut white bullnose pieces to cover the gap. (I've done this before in a new bathroom install and it looked great.) Am I missing something about the tub install or will this work fine?

Thanks in advance,