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Thread: Bowl Won't Empty

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    Default Bowl Won't Empty

    I have a toilet in the basement which when flushed the bowl will not empty. It is in a basement and it empties into trash pump basin where the waste water is subsequently pumped upward to the sewer. I am saying this so you have all of the information, although that doesn't appear to the problem. At first I thought it was something in the siphon tube/pipe, but that is clear.

    When I flush the toilet the tank empties and the bowl fills up. I notice some bubbles come up in the bowl at this time and it looks like the bowl attempts to flush, but the water never goes down completely. It does marginally, but not completely. The curious part is, when I take a bucket of water and dump it in, it flushes perfectly fine so it is clear and the siphon effect is working fine.

    Could it be that the tank does not empty fast enough and it doesn't cause the siphon to occur? It seems to, to me, but I'm not exactly a plumber.

    Need some help with this one...........thanks.


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    The test you did with the bucket of water is showing that the water going into the bowl is not going fast enough to cause the siphon effect. My opinion is you need a new toilet. It is a build up of some sort of either minerals in the tank or stuff in the trapway.

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    Make sure the tank is filling up to the water line.
    Make sure the flapper is good,
    use a piece of coathanger wire and clear out all the holes under the rim and the siphon jet hole down in the bottom off the bowl.

    Are you using in tank bowl cleaners? If so remove them from the tank immediately with a wet/dry vac...

    If it doesn't improve after that then yes you may need a new toilet...

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    Ensure that the hose from the fill valve is running into the overflow tube and is held up by the clip, and not just stuck down the tube (it can siphon water). This is what fills the bowl after a flush. If the bowl isn't at its design level, part of the tank water just goes to filling the bowl. Also, if there is something caught in the trapway, pouring water will appear to work, but waste along with the toilet tissue will create a dam, and back up, stopping the flush.
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