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Thread: Room for a shower seat??

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    Question Room for a shower seat??


    I'm having a 52X30 inch shower redone. Do I have room for a corner shower seat?? If so, what is the minimum size it need be to be used as a seat (at some future time)?


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    I have seen showers A LOT smaller with seats in them....

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    There are a couple of ways to do a seat: monument and wall hung. A wall hung one has some advantages, because you can store things underneath, and your feet can sit at a more natural position, partly under you which doesn't happen with a monument (solid) one. I put a wall-hung one in my mother's shower called a 'Better Bench' from www.inovus.com. You can actually install the thing after the shower is built, if you wish, rather than as it is being built. The wall-hung also means you can turn around and have more room for your feet.
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    Plenty of room for a seat, but what KIND you can use depends on how the shower is going to be constructed. If done incorrectly, they can be a source of leaks.

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    Personally, I prefer the monument type since I think it is easier to clean. I think it also looks more "high end" than something that is just hanging on a wall.

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