I have a very peculiar problem with my tankless water heater manufactured by a very well known company with a Japanese name. I can not find anybody that will service it or let's put it this way I can not find any trained technician that will tackle the job. I do need the heat exchanger cleaned, the unit is the Takagi TK-1S The manufacturer was so kind to troubleshoot the problem over the phone and it was determined that the heat exchanger needs to be flushed/cleaned but the catch is that the manufacturer does not have any training available in place and claims that any body that is a licensed gas fitter can do it. Well I can not find any body and they can not find anybody on the west coast of Canada. They will not even share the service manual so I can not do it myself, again they claim that any gas fitter can do it. The heater is 2 years old and I live in a big city on the west coast of Canada. In the mean time I do not have any hot water and I have to manually reset the power in order to have hot water when I need it. Called many times the manufacturer head office in California but they dumped the responsability to the Canadian branch which in terms claimed that can not do anything but troubleshoot the problem....and nothing else. Just going in circles. Can anybody help?