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Thread: Effect of drain line on plants

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    Default Effect of drain line on plants


    I live in Las Vegas and just had a Waterboss 950 installed with the drain line going out of the wall of the garage. I have heard that the sodium chloride will kill all the plants around and also tear up the concrete of a walkway nearby and the house which it spills onto. The question is would I be able to circumvent this from happening if I dug a hole a couple of feet down, dropped the hose down to that point and filled it with rocks, sand and other porous material in order to not have it be a problem with the plants and concrete.

    I understand I could change to potassium chloride, but the obvious cost is the main reason why I don't want to change.

    Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

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    On the ground as it is or underground is going to contaminate the groundwater and that is not allowed in most places. And if you have a well, you run a high risk of polluting it.

    The discharge water should go into your septic or sewer line.
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