I have a variable speed Trane air handler that I keep the fan on nearly 100% of the time. The thing is now probably close to 20-years old, and the fan still works fine with one exception: if I go away for awhile and turn it off, it doesn't always start up right away when I turn it back on. It doesn't make any noises indicating the bearing is going or anything. I was wondering if ordering a new fan motor and having it around as a spare is a prudent thing. I'm pretty sure I could get one locally, but at a considerably higher price than ordering one on-line. The p/n is Trane MOT05429 or MOT11974, and lists for about $400. I've seen it for $250 or so (anyone have a better price?), and some websites actually list it for even more. This is the bare motor, without the controller. The controller costs about the same as the motor (it's a 1/2Hp, 1200RPM variable speed motor).