I'm at the end of my rope here. We have very high Iron (9.0 PPM) in our well water. Our old water conditioner was not giving us consistent clear water. We paid a company to make modifications to our system. The moved the acid neutralizer to after the water softener and install a Fleck 9100. Then it goes through the chlorine injector at finally a Color/Taste/Order tank. All the tanks were "rebedded" also. It seems that it has never worked right since they installed it and we still get brown and yellow water. The company that installed it has come out 10 times (each time is a day off work for me) and it still doesn't work. They also ran my irrigation system through the conditioner side saying this system could handle it (we had orange sidewalks). They always try to blame me for messing around with it or using too much water. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.