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    Default tub spout

    Hello All,

    I am nearly finished creating a bathroom upstairs in our home. My issue is concerning the installation of the tub spout. I have tightened the spout (threaded) quite tight by hand and the spout is facing upward! I am worried that if I tighten it too much, I will break the solder seal in the threaded copper supply pipe.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you.

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    If the solder joint is done properly, you won't be able to break it. If you did, you'd want to fix it! If you don't have decent screws holding the elbow in place, that could be a problem. If you only tightened it by hand, you should easily be able to go another 180-degrees by the use of a strap wrench or a screwdriver handle or dowel in the spout for leverage.
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    If it's soldered with lead free solder, the pipe would twist and the joint would never fail.

    If if was a 50% lead joint, then it would be weaker.
    And like mentioned above, you can try a little more wrap with the tape.

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