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Thread: Shower heads, water pressure and usage Question

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    Question Shower heads, water pressure and usage Question


    I live in a 7 story condo building and have my own 40 or 50 gal hot water heater in the unit. I currently have a traditional showerhead (plumber supplied a few years ago) that supplies adequate water pressure. I am planning on remodeling my bathroom and have seen these newer, wider showerheads. Should I be concerned about maintaining the water pressure using one of these bigger heads?? Do these larger heads use more water? Logic says that a bigger head reduces pressure and uses more water... True or False?

    Thanks in advance.

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    They normally are restricted to 2.5 gallons, so if they are wider it's anybody's guess how they do it.
    Sometimes they come out as thin lines under pressure, sometimes weakly like rain fall.

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